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Tickets Payment

The information in order to pay a ticket online or banking

Online Payment
The City of Lugano allows you to pay a ticket online. The service is available on the payment platform of the Postfinance SA.

For payment with this procedure you must have the Postfinance Card or the credit card Mastercard or VISA.

To make the payment you must have (see the Guide when in doubt):
  • Number of the ticket
  • Vehicle registration plate of the penalized vehicle


Bank Payment
If you don't have a credit card, it is possible to pay the ticket by using the following bank details:

  • For Swiss citizens:
    - Cassa Comunale, 6900 Lugano
    - CCP: 69-201-0
    - Account no. G411.710.AA
  • For foreign citizens:
    - Cassa Comunale, CH-6900 Lugano
    - IBAN: CH34 0866 7007 3570 7100 6
    - account for postal payment: 69-50-1

Please specify on the reason the number of the ticket and the plate number of the vehicle.

Ultima modifica 19 febbraio 2018

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