Invoices issued by the City of Lugano can be settled using the cryptocurrencies BTC (Bitcoin), Bitcoin on Lightning Network and USDT (Tether). This payment option is available for all invoices issued by the City, including taxes, duties, and fines, without any amount limit.

Cryptocurrency payments are available for both private citizens and businesses, complementing the traditional payment methods of postal counters, e-banking platforms, and the eBill service.

How to Make a Cryptocurrency Payment

  1. Have the invoice handy that you want to settle using cryptocurrencies. It contains a QR code.
  2. Ensure that your digital wallet contains the cryptocurrencies accepted by the City: BTC and USDT on Ethereum.
  3. Access the payment page using the button below (“Go to payment form”). For security reasons, cryptocurrency payments should only be made by accessing the official page of the City of Lugano. Avoid making payments on pages found via search engines.
  4. Scan the QR code on the invoice (or manually enter the IBAN code, amount and reference number on the payment slip).
  5. Select the desired type of cryptocurrency and make the payment. No further action is required, but you may still request a receipt to be sent via email.


More details can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions section below. For further enquiries about cryptocurrency payments, please send an email to [email protected]

Payments in cryptocurrencies

You can pay invoices with BTC (Bitcoin), Bitcoin on Lightning Network and USDT (Tether)


No, it is not necessary to contact the City’s administration. Each invoice can be paid via the usual QR code it contains, without having to interact with the City's administration. Payment is made automatically by simply accessing the dedicated page via the "Go to payment form" button.

It is possible to pay all invoices issued by the City of Lugano, regardless of the type of service, fee or tax invoiced.

No, it is only possible to settle one invoice at a time. You must scan and pay each individual invoice using the QR code on the individual invoice.

No, only full payments for total amounts of individual invoices are possible. Partial payments are not permitted.

Only payments in Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin on Lightning Network and Tether (USDT on Ethereum) are accepted.

There is no amount limit. For payments over CHF 1’500’000 a dedicated service is available to manage the exchange rate risks assumed by the partner Bitcoin Suisse AG. For such payments, you can contact the cryptocurrency payment service of the City of Lugano at [email protected] or by phone +41 58 866 71 15 for instructions on how to make the payment.

To obtain a payment receipt, simply select the "Request payment receipt" option after making your cryptocurrency payment and enter your email address. The payment service provider (Bitcoin Suisse AG) will immediately send the receipt to the indicated email address. The digital wallet used for the cryptocurrency payment commonly keeps track of the transaction made in BTC or USDT as well.

The effective date of the payment will be the day after the day on which the cryptocurrency payment was made (T+1). This information is relevant for the payment of taxes.

The partner Bitcoin Suisse AG charges a 1% fee of the amount paid (CHF), which is included in the exchange rate used to convert the invoice amount (in CHF) into the chosen cryptocurrency. This commission, which is linked to exchange rate risk management, is charged directly by the partner and not by the City’s administration.

Bitcoin Suisse AG is a recognised financial intermediary specialised in the collection of cryptocurrency payments and is the designated partner for the acceptance of cryptocurrency payments of invoices issued by the City of Lugano.

In the event of the need for a full or partial refund of an invoice previously paid in cryptocurrency, the refund will be made exclusively in Swiss Francs and paid to a bank account in the name of the invoice holder via bank IBAN. Any exchange fees, exchange losses or payment charges incurred by the user when paying in cryptocurrency will not be refunded and will remain the responsibility of the user. Under no circumstances will refunds be made in cryptocurrency or to third parties other than what is stated on the original invoice.

The City of Lugano does not operate a cryptocurrency treasury. Any amount paid in cryptocurrency will be immediately converted into Swiss Francs and paid to the City by the collection partner. The option of paying invoices in cryptocurrencies is a modern alternative offered to citizens and companies in possession of cryptocurrencies who wish to settle their invoices using this innovative means of payment.


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