The City of Lugano allows you to pay road traffic fines through the online counter.

For online payments you must have:

  • number of the violation
  • licence plate number of the fined vehicle
  • a Postfinance Card or Mastercard or VISA credit card

Payment by post or bank

You can also pay the fine by post or bank.

Payment. by post:

  • Swiss Post
    Payable to: Cassa comunale, 6900 Lugano,
    - CCP: 69-201-0

Bank. transfer:

  • Bank: EFG Bank SA - Lugano, Via Stefano Franscini 8, 6900 Lugano
    Account: 7357071006
    Payable to: Cassa comunale, 6900 Lugano
    - IBAN: CH34 0866 7007 3570 7100 6
    All costs shall be borne by the payer (OUR).

It is necessary to indicate in the reference the number of the fine and the licence plate number of the vehicle.

If a driver does not agree with the payment of a fine and wishes to submit comments, they must wait for the expiry of the 30-day payment term indicated on the fine. After which, the ordinary procedure commences, as provided for by the Swiss Infringement Law (LContr.) of 19.12.94, December 1994, Art. 2 para. 3; at this stage you will have 15 days to submit your comments.

If you make your comments before the start of the ordinary procedure, they will be deposited in the police's fines department. When the fine is cancelled or confirmed by the reporting agent/auxiliary, the offender receives a communication from the police.

If no payment is made under the simplified procedure, the offender's comments are forwarded to the Legal Department of the traffic section in Camorino, the authority responsible for ordinary procedures. If the Legal Department does not consider the comments do not warrant the abandonment of the procedure, the administrative costs and the court fee shall be added to the amount of the fine.

  • Is the amount correct?
    The Ordinance on Disciplinary Fines lists all the current and applicable amounts throughout Switzerland. For speeding offences in the Canton of Ticino, the amounts are determined by the Legal Department of the Traffic Section.
  • After how long is a fine considered imposed?
    After three years.
  • Is it possible to pay a fine in instalments?
  • How to view the photographic documentation of a multafot or radar?
    At the office that issued the fine, or, for a fee of CHF 30.- it is possible to receive the documentation to the place of residence (the request must be in writing).