The search for a job can be done through various channels, for example by consulting online ad portals, Ticino daily newspapers or municipal bulletin boards. Consulting them regularly can be of great help.

Concorsi pubblici della Città di Lugano

La Città di Lugano mette periodicamente a concorso diverse posizioni lavorative all'interno dell'Amministrazione comunale.

Stage formativi della Città di Lugano

Il Servizio di Formazione e sviluppo offre la possibilità di svolgere degli stage professionali all'interno dell'Amministrazione comunale.

Vocational guidance

Thanks to the LuganoNetWork service, the City offers citizens free advice to help them find a job. LuganoNetWork is also aimed at companies by providing them with support in the pre-selection of personnel (workers, interns and apprentices). Even those who are reflecting on their studies, internships or apprenticeships can consult LuganoNetWork for a free consultation.

Public announcements

The City of Lugano, the Canton of Ticino and the Confederation do not accept unsolicited applications and only recruit by public announcement. Notices are available on the respective web portals.

Employment office

In the event of unemployment, Swiss residents (Swiss nationals or foreigners with a B or C permit) can apply to the regional employment offices (RAV) for unemployment benefits and support in finding a job.

Temporary and permanent employment agencies

In Lugano there are several temporary and permanent employment agencies to which you can apply when you are looking for a job.

A list of addresses and contacts of agencies in and around Lugano can be found at

Spontaneous applications

Spontaneous applications are always a valid search method. The Yellow Pages service offered by the portal is a good reference for getting to know the companies in the area.