Help for Ukraine

The City of Lugano has mobilised in response to the arrival of people fleeing the armed conflict in Ukraine.  The municipal administration is accepting online offers of accommodation within the municipality from private individuals wishing to host refugees.

Aiuto all'Ucraina

A cosmopolitan city

In Lugano there are 140 different nationalities, in addition to Swiss; the most represented countries are Italy, Portugal, Germany, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, Turkey, Romania, France, Russia, Croatia and Brazil.

Every new citizen is an honour and an enrichment for the city. The hope that Lugano has for all newcomers is to become the city of their heart.

To accompany the new citizens in the first steps to the discovery of Lugano, has been made of the publication To meet, to know each other (Conoscere, conoscersi) with political, geographical and historical information of the city, of Ticino, and of Switzerland.

The City's Apps Lugano Servizi and Lugano Eventi are useful tools to keep updated about what is going on, and to facilitate certain procedures for new arrivals.

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Those who do not know the Italian language or need to improve it, can choose the most suitable course from a wide choice, from beginner to advanced level, at the many schools of Lugano and its surroundings.

Find an apartment

In the Lugano area there are many real estate agencies that offer an all-round service, from advice to the search for the most suitable property for your needs and preferences:

Furthermore, daily newspapers, weekly magazines and internet portals regularly publish offers in the housing market.