Integration means complementing one another. All new citizens are welcome in the City of Lugano. Learning about the new environment, making friends, finding one's way around, feeling at home, however, requires a little time.

Knowing the Italian language is important to understanding the culture of Italian-speaking Switzerland better.

In Lugano, many schools and associations offer courses: for beginners who have never studied Italian as well as those who know how to express themselves and want to refine their knowledge.

Courses in civic and citizenship training are offered by the Istituto della formazione continua (Institute of Further Education). Those interested can write to [email protected] by specifying that it is regarding naturalisation, submitting the application in accordance with the rules in force as from 1 January 2018.

“A step towards the city” for migrant women

"A step towards the city" is a program designed specifically for migrant women with the aim of helping them to communicate in Italian in everyday life, to meet new people and places as a starting point for involvement in the reality of Lugano and create opportunities for dialogue and intercultural and interreligious exchange. In this way we wish to enhance the culture and skills of each woman involved.

"A step towards the City" is promoted by the Associazioni MC-MC and Seed and proposes a program that traverses the linguistic, social and civil spheres with:

  • Italian lessons (70 hours)
  • social meetings and outings within the region

Mothers who participate in "A step towards the city" can benefit from a babysitting service.

Enrolments "A step towards the city"
Letizia Salvadè
t. +41 76 348 48 91
[email protected]

Advice and information for migrants

What steps must foreign communities take to form an association? How can they get to know and interact with other foreign communities and associations in the region? Or develop their own ideas and propose their own project to the authorities? Or, even more, how can they promote their own culture?

Those who move to Lugano from another country can find answers to these and many other questions about customs and traditions, education and training, work, health, travel and institutions in the city through l'Associazione ACLI Servizi Ticino (International Christian Workers' Associations), a reference point that promotes integration into the new surroundings.

The ACLI Servizi Ticino counters are open to:

  • migrants in need of various types of information
  • migrant communities who wish to form an association and better promote their activities throughout the region of Lugano and Ticino, becoming a valid interlocutor with the authorities

Sportelli ACLI Servizi Ticino
Via Simen 10
6900 Lugano
t. +41 91 923 66 46
[email protected]

Opening days and times

  • Mon-Tue 9.00-11.30 and 14.00-17.00
Circolo ricreativo italiano (CRI)

Via Dufour 5
6900 Lugano
t. +41 91 940 64 78

Associazione culturale artistica serba "Branko Radicevic"

c/o Savo Ilic
Via Industria 6b
6963 Pregassona

Associazione d'amicizia ebraico-cristiana

via Landriani 10
6900 Lugano
[email protected]

Associazione famiglia bellunese di Lugano

C.P. 5646
6901 Lugano

Centro culturale cinese "Il Ponte"

Via Ciseri 2
6900 Lugano
t. +41 91 921 29 03
[email protected]

Circolo bergamaschi in Ticino

c/o Emilio Cadei

Via Lambertenghi 9 A
6900 Lugano

Circolo culturale "Sa Berritta"

CP 154
6900 Lugano
t. +41 76 783 81 00
[email protected]

Circolo trentini in Ticino

c/o Gianni Busacchi

Via Navree 17
6964 Davesco-Soragno
[email protected]

Gruppo liguri in Ticino

c/o Andrea D'Adda

Via al Sasso
6946 Ponte Capriasca
[email protected]

Centro Culturale Turco-Islamico di Lugano

via Giuseppe Maggi 4a
6963 Pregassona
[email protected]

Associazione Thailandese Ticino

Salita Viarno 21a
6963 Pregassona
[email protected]

Cives Mundi Ticino

Via Boscioro 20
6962 Lugano-Viganello
t. 0900 973782 (a pagamento)
[email protected]

Associazione Svizzera-Israele

Sezione Ticino

Associazione Morresi Emigrati

Sezione Ticino

6807 Taverne

Comitato degli italiani all'estero (COMITES)

Circoscrizione consolare di Lugano

Via Dufour 5 A, CP 40
6907 Lugano

Associazione Amici dell’Ecuador

Via ai Grotti 69
6862 Rancate
t. + 41 91 930 94 52
[email protected]