Knowledge of the language is essential to understand the culture of a place and its inhabitants and thus to integrate into its society. For this reason it is certainly easier to live, establish relationships and work in Ticino if you know Italian and are not limited by language barriers.


Below is a list of organizations, associations, foundations and language schools that organize Italian courses in Lugano according to a teaching method, promoted by the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM), which is based on the real communication needs of migrants in everyday situations: fide - Italian in Switzerland - learn, teach, appraise.

Associazione AMiCi offers foreigners living in Ticino a 105-hour course to better comprehend and make themselves understood. The course follows the school calendar from September to June.
The aim is to broaden their knowledge of the Italian language and understand the local customs. Participants are required to contribute CHF 250.- as enrolment fee. At the end of the course a certificate of attendance will be issued.


Associazione AMiCi
Via Besso 31
6900 Lugano
t. + 41 91 224 84 94

The purpose of the courses offered by Associazione Il Centro is to allow the participant to achieve a better integration into social life through learning and discovering the Italian language. Classes are held morning, afternoon and evening, from Monday to Friday, in small groups, depending on the level of knowledge of Italian. Those interested can enrol in person at the reception of Associazione Il Centro (Mon-Fri 9.00 am-12.00 pm) or via email. The participation fee is CHF 100.- per semester and must be paid upon registration. In addition to the courses, there are also some cultural initiatives.

The association also offers an intensive Italian course for beginners, which lasts four weeks, for five mornings a week. In addition to providing the basics for communication, the course consists of a series of visits to places of public interest and meetings to deal with specific situations (such as contacting public offices and branches to ask for information about places and means of transport, etc.). The participation fee is CHF 150.-. For information on the dates of the course please contact the association.


Associazione Il Centro
Piazza San Rocco 3
6900 Lugano
t. +41 91 970 31 26

A centre for socializing, training and support for families and children, Il Tragitto is designed as a home for projects aimed at meeting and mutual understanding, a "container" in which to develop "content". The Italian course is structured so as to allow migrant mothers, poorly literate or with basic language skills, to access training accompanied by their children of pre-school age. the meetings, lasting 150 minutes, take place during five mornings a week, for a total of 160 meetings, equal to 400 hours.


Associazione Il Tragitto
Via Giuseppe Stabile 12
6900 Lugano

The association relies on the skills developed by its members in the educational, social and humanitarian fields at national and international level. In particular, it aims to extend the training activities for integration through a special focus on micro-entrepreneurship.


Associazione MC MC
c/o Fondazione no Woman no Life
C.P. 1029
6933 Muzzano
t. +41 79 620 27 03

The Centro di formazione professionale OCST-Organizzazione Cristiano Sociale Ticinese is a non-profit association that has been organizing training, refresher and retraining courses in various professional sectors since 1995 The individual and group language courses are offered at various levels according to the scale of the European Language Portfolio. There are exam preparation courses and intensive Italian language courses for foreigners aimed at those who come from outside the Canton or who have been living in Ticino for a short time.


Via Serafino Balestra 19
6901 Lugano
t. +41 91 921 26 00

The courses for adults, organized by the Department of Education, Culture and Sport of Canton Ticino are annual (September-June) or per semester, with registration in August or January. Classes are suspended during school holidays. The enrolment fee varies depending on the type and duration of the course. It is advisable to enrol as soon as possible as places are limited. At the end of a course, upon request, the teacher shall issue a certificate of participation.


Corsi per adulti del Cantone Ticino
Residenza governativa
6500 Bellinzona
t. +41 91 814 34 50

The Course Sector, the training body of the Ticino Red Cross, is active in the field of health promotion, prevention and well-being; it also offers courses, in Italian language, throughout Ticino and Italian-speaking Grisons, as well as at the offices of the Ticino Red Cross in Bellinzona, Chiasso, Faido, Locarno and Lugano.


Croce Rossa Svizzera
Settore Corsi
Corso San Gottardo 70
6830 Chiasso
t. + 41 91 682 31 31

The school is active in adult education, language training and business. The language courses, intensive or exam preparation, are characterized by a flexible organization and are offered in classes of one to eight participants. The objectives and content of the courses correspond to the directives of the Common European Framework and the European Language Portfolio.


CTA Istituto Interlingue
Via Monte Boglia 4
6900 Lugano
t. +41 91 972 57 57

ECAP Ticino Unia is a non-profit organization that, with its activities, works in the field of training of migrants and workers, including unskilled workers. To this effect, Italian courses are also offered in various Ticino municipalities.


ECAP Ticino Unia
Via Industria 3
6814 Lamone
t. +41 91 604 20 30

The Scuola Club Migros is the largest institution for adult education in Switzerland, supported by the Migros Culture Percentage. The Italian courses are aimed at beginners, as well as those who have greater command of the language. Courses are also offered for specific contexts (business, grammar), lessons for children and young people, private lessons and diploma preparation courses.


Scuola Club Migros Lugano
Via Pretorio 15
6900 Lugano
t. +41 91 821 71 50

The ILI School of Lugano offers courses of Italian language and culture to students and professionals of all nationalities and backgrounds. It offers a wide range of courses for all levels of language proficiency, from A1 to C2, as well as workshops and courses that allow one to immerse themselves in Italian culture in an active way, dealing with teachers, with your peers and with experts in film, literature, music and art.


School ILI
Via Basilea 22
Gradinata Mimosa
6900 Lugano
t. +41 91 950 86 86