The City of Lugano allows you to pay traffic fines online.

Fines can be paid by logging into the City's dedicated portal and entering the fixed penalty number printed on the fixed penalty fine. The portal is available in ItalianGerman, French and English.

Alternatively, you can use your smartphone to scan the QR code (barcode) printed on the fixed penalty fine, which takes you directly to the payment gateway without having to type in the fine number.

Online Payment Methods

  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)
  • PostFinance e-finance
  • Postcard
  • Twint

The transition to the new digitalized system of fixed penalties will be phased in gradually.

As such, a number of offences could be issued to offenders via a traffic violation notice without a QR code.

Again, you can access the portal by entering the fixed penalty number printed on the traffic violation notice and the license plate number.

If the offender is identified at the time of the offense, he can pay the fine immediately.

If he pays the fine immediately, the offender is issued a receipt that omits his name.

If the fine is not paid within 30 days, the City of Lugano Police will send the offender (by post) an offence notification with the payment slip attached, giving a further 30 days to pay.

It is possible to pay the fine directly at the police counter, located in Via Beltramina 20b in Lugano.

Fines served without a QR code fixed penalty fine are accompanied by a deposit slip that can be used for payment.

The offender has the right to oppose the fixed penalty by initially waiting for the expiry of the fixed penalty payment term.

After this deadline, the City of Lugano Police will inform the offender by letter that ordinary criminal proceedings have been initiated. In this new phase, the offender has 15 days to provide his comments to the Police, which will be forwarded to the legal department of the Road Traffic Division in Camorino, the competent authority for ordinary procedures.

The legal department of the Road Traffic Division will evaluate the offender's comments and make the final decision on whether to confirm or abandon the proceedings. If Proceedings are confirmed, in addition to the amount of the fine, the administrative costs and the court fee will be added.

On the online portal you can specify the details of the driver who actually committed the offence.

The newly registered person shall then be sent a new traffic violation notice, together with a payment slip.

  • Is the amount correct?
    An ordinance lists all the current and applicable amounts throughout Switzerland. For speeding offences in the Canton of Ticino, the amounts are determined by the Legal Department of the Traffic Section.
  • After how long is a fine considered imposed?
    After three years.
  • Is it possible to pay a fine in instalments?
  • How to view the photographic documentation of a multafot or radar?
    At the office that issued the fine, or, for a fee of CHF 30.- it is possible to receive the documentation to the place of residence (the request must be in writing).